Carbon Express Arrows
DOA outfitters
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Moose 04-Dec-15
JoeBow 10-Dec-15
tonyotony 06-Jan-16
tonyotony 06-Jan-16
From: Moose
Anybody ever get ripped off by this guy? We did and I was curios to hear anyone else's story so we can end this guys scam

From: JoeBow
Moose I was just researching them, what was the deal.

From: tonyotony
I was not ripped off. In fact, a few years ago, I scheduled a goose hunt with him in central NY. The night before, I called to confirm, and he cancelled, letting me know that the snow geese were all gone, and I would be wasting my time and money. So, I appreciated his honesty at the time. No other interactions with him though.

From: tonyotony
You don't need to get specific, but giving us a little bit more information than "this guy's scam" would be helpful. That phrase just tells us you don't like the guy.

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