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2016 Nebraska Deer Gun Season
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Vail94 05-Dec-15
Greg Kush 06-Dec-15
Vail94 06-Dec-15
From: Vail94
I'm already planning ahead for the 2016 hunting season. I prefer to bowhunt the week preceding the start of the gun season. Does anyone know the opening date of the 2016 gun deer season yet?


From: Greg Kush
The Nebraska deer firearm season is always set so that it ends on the Sunday of the week of Thanksgiving. If that is the case for next year, the firearm season would run from November 12th to the 20th.

Now, I don't believe that has been officially announced, but if they don't change how they have done it forever, those will be the days.

From: Vail94
Looks like it will be a couple more years until the start of the gun deer season pushes back later into the month. Thank you.

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