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Vermont deer hunting
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deer hunter 11-Dec-15
Double_D 12-Dec-15
VTslinger 13-Dec-15
bucktail 14-Dec-15
Double_D 14-Dec-15
deer hunter 14-Dec-15
bucktail 15-Dec-15
MikeVT 15-Dec-15
deer hunter 15-Dec-15
Rob in VT 15-Dec-15
VTslinger 16-Dec-15
Tatonka 02-Jan-16
Rob in VT 07-Jan-16
From: deer hunter
How was the deer hunting . Last year was the best I ever seen it in Vermont plenty of deer. This year I saw some does in the early bow season. Haven't seen a deer during the rifle season- I hunted 3 1/2 days to start off the season and nothing. Zilch no deer. But, spoke to my local weigh in station and he said it was one of the better years .

I'm going to head up this weekend . Either crossbow or use my muzzleloader. For one last time in VT. Good luck to everyone this weekend.

From: Double_D
Spend a lot of time in Vermont,, own a camp near Woodstock. Where I hunt south of Woodstock, huntable populations. Problems are not with the herd so much as the regulations. One thing keeping a lot of my friends from coming to Vt is having to get permission to use a stand or blind, even on unposted land. I can understand land owners wanting to know who is hanging and leaving a stand in for weeks, but to take in a climber or a quick set up ground blind that I will be removing at the end of the day seem is little much. Difficult and time consuming to find landowners that do not reside there. I feel the F&G and F&G board are biting the hand that feeds them. License sales are down and they should revisit some of these regs. dd

From: VTslinger
I live in Jericho and the store there seemed to have a steady flow of deer being checked in there. The average size was pretty heavy also. It seemed like the majority of the bucks were over 140 lbs.

From: bucktail
I bet a lot of valuable timber trees have been ruined by screw in tree steps and nails and spikes by thoughtless hunters.. One veiner tree can be worth thousands of $.

From: Double_D
I mentioned climbers and ground blinds, no nails, no steps etc. I agree, steps and spikes certainly are a problem to loggers and land owners should know where they are located. Spikes were common years ago when hunters were putting up wooden platforms, don't see many of those anymore. Common sense goes a long way.

From: deer hunter
This weekend Only saw 2 does right before camp. Hopefully the mild winter will continue and we will be ready next year. Also hoping to take a few coyotes after the holidays.

From: bucktail
Deer hunter where is your place in VT? My camp is in Chelsea.

From: MikeVT
Did not see much activity during bow season, but things got busy during rifle season. Got a nice buck the first afternoon. 4 pts, but half his rack was busted off. Weighed 195lb. my biggest yet.

From: deer hunter
Buck tail my camp is in Shaftsbury

From: Rob in VT
Archery: I didn't hunt. Rifle: Saw 5 bucks and 8 doe. Took an 8pt. ML: Didn't see a deer.

From: VTslinger
I was fortunate with the limited amount of time I had to hunt. Archery:doe. Rifle:3 point. Blackpowder : 6 point

From: Tatonka
I hunted in Vermont this year for the first time in many, many years.. I grew up in Vermont, but moved to Montana in 1977. I went back mostly to spend some time with the family at deer camp, etc... Wasn't really expecting to kill anything. I didn't realize quite how much things had changed until I tried to hunt some places where I grew up... There are now houses in the majority of the places I hunted with my Dad. Pretty much everything is posted.. When I was a kid if anyone had put up a "No Hunting" sign they would have been run out of town...."No Hunting" signs didn't exist.

The only deer I saw was a little spikehorn that ran across the road after dark one night when I was driving to my brother-in-law's house. There were 8 or 9 guys at deer camp who hunted the first week and then went back for the last 4 days. No one killed anything. These guys usually take 3 or 4 deer...they're good hunters and hunt hard. The mild weather and huge crop of acorns and beechnuts didn't help...

At any rate, it was a very poor year for the family....very disappointing. It sure made me appreciate what we have here in Montana. Why Vermont allows anyone to kill more than one deer is beyond my comprehension... makes no sense to me at all.

From: Rob in VT
Kill was down 6% overall in 2015.

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