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Stolen Stand
New Hampshire
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Bob H in NH 14-Dec-15
Bou'bound 31-Dec-17
Bob H in NH 21-Mar-18
nuggy 30-May-18
From: Bob H in NH
Long shot, but if anyone sees a classified ad or some other way I had the following stolen from Litchfield Conservation Area:

- rivers edge chain on stand - set of 8 stepladder steps - 25 foot safety rope with prussic knot - Cable lock - though this must have been cut

Found it "gone" Saturday morning at 6:15 as I went there to hunt. Filed Police report.

Was in that tree weekend before Thanksgiving, so somewhere between then and Saturday. Must have been planned because they had to bring something to cut the cable lock.

From: Bou'bound
did this ever turn up

From: Bob H in NH
Nope. I hunt the same area with a climber now and had a young couple come in looking for me. I had moved 50 yards, they went right to that other spot. I chose to stay hidden

From: nuggy
should have stayed covert and got license plate# punks just checking to see if u replaced ur stand. I have had them stolen and it bums u out sorry to hear

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