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North Dakota
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From: twang

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My kids moved to ND from Washington state where we enjoyed the out door recreation as a family. Hoping to ignore the distance between us and continuing the pattern I seek to develop North Dakota as a family playground. Big game hunting has been a passion and typically we do archery guys and black powder girls for deer We do also play the lottery system for other big game so some interest exists however whitetail seems to be a logical start. I was surprised to see very little activity on this site. Am I missing something. I know Roosevelt was excited about ND I expect the country has much to offer and I hope to get some inside general starting points for my scouting.

From: Z Barebow
It has been a while since I checked the ND forum. As you have noticed, it is not a hotbed of activity. Don't be offended! It isn't you!

As far as opportunities, ND has plenty. If I understand correctly, your kids are in ND? If your kids are residents, have them apply for the OIL lottery for elk and moose. (App is due March 26th I believe). (It is available for residents only.)

As for deer opportunities, ND is primarily WT but it does have some MD in the west/sw part of the state. If it is archery for WT, getting a license isn't too much of a problem.

As far as land to hunt, private is good. Depending upon where you go, you might have some success in gaining access (Archery) Gun is tougher.

Public accessible. State also as plenty of opportunities. PLOTS land, WMA (Wildlife mgmt. areas), National Grasslands, etc. What part of the state?

That is a start. Look at the Game & Fish website.

Also, the state is one of the best places for upland and waterfowl in the country.


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