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Whitetail hunt near Converse TX
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BC 03-Jan-16
milnrick 07-Jan-16
BC 11-Jan-16
From: BC
My son is stationed at Fort Sam Houston and is living in the town of Converse. Would like to plan a whitetail hunt when we go to visit next year. Would any of you guys have suggestions on public land or an outfitter in this area. Thanks for your help with this. If you have info you can PM, if you want.

From: milnrick
Good Morning

I assume your son is active duty military. If so, he needs to check out Camp Bullis’ hunting program. Camp Bullis is a Joint Service training post on the NW side of San Antonio, roughly 28000 acres in size and open to Military members, retirees and their families (you can hunt there too). The cost is nominal (about $250 per head). They’ve got a very robust population of whitetail and axis deer, hogs and turkey, moderate quail and dove hunting available. The whitetail herd is strictly managed and antler restrictions are enforced.

They run a ‘lottery’ each year for spaces bow and gun hunters (you can only do one or the other. Each bowhunter is assigned an area (circle) about 600 yards in diameter, that’s his/hers to hunt for the season. Gun hunters are assigned a stand that is theirs for the season as well.

I hunted Camp Bullis for many years and would be there still had we not bought a small farm/ranch in TN. Call Marty at 210-295-7577 for more information.

From: BC
Thank you for your help. I spoke to my son and he is familiar with this area. We'll check it out. Thanks again.

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