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How do you interpret this law?
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IdyllwildArcher 03-Jan-16
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wild1 10-Sep-16
From the DFG's website:

"No bow or crossbow may be used which will not cast a legal hunting arrow, except flu-flu arrows, a horizontal distance of 130 yards."

I'm getting my daughter ready to hunt. Her arrow she's using is pretty heavy for her current draw weight/length and won't do 130 yards currently. I'm hoping to get her draw wt up so that her hunting arrow will do 130, but the way I read the above, it says "a legal hunting arrow," which tells me I could set up a flight arrow with a BH and so long as it's legal to hunt with and can make it 130 yards, that means the bow is good enough for the law, regardless if the arrow she's using for hunting will make it 130 yards.


From: TheArc

sounds right

From: Surfbow
Wow, who wrote that piece of legal mush?

From: elkmtngear
How are they going to prove / enforce that in the field? Ridiculous verbage IMHO.

Exactly Jeff. Who's going to reimburse me for my $30 hunting arrow when it gets launched into oblivion?

Or who's going to pardon me when my arrow that sails 180 yards lands in some dude's a$$.

From: loudman70
Sounds like it was written by a libbbb!

From: Beendare
Late to the party on this but you might like to hear of the discussion I had with a GW on the very subject when asked; He laughed. Its "a judgement call ", he said

I asked if he would ever stop a kid from hunting due to equipment, "Not in a million years!" he said emphatically.

From: Commish
Very late and very much disagree with others. If the tackle being used cannot meet the F&G regulation, IT SHOULD NOT BE USED. If, as you say, there is an arrow equipped with the proper size broadhead and can be launched 130 yards or more with your daughter's bow, that is what should be used. IMHO

From: elkmtngear
Maximizing arrow weight for maximum KE is HUMANE!

There are a plethora of California Game Laws that have no semblance of common sense, they should be reviewed by HUNTERS and edited.

Too much emphasis on WILDLIFE in Fish and Wildlife these days. I miss the old Department of Fish and Game.

From: wild1
Only in CA.

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