Turtle Mtn Elk
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Bigfishhunter 13-Jan-16
I realize this is really premature, but I am in the post season hunting withdrawal big time.

I am looking for some help with Elk hunting the early season.

I moved to Flin Flon 8 years ago to teach and basically put the bow away, except to shoot at some grouse and a bear. I am a teacher, and so the fall season is not one where I have much time. However, I have realized that the first week of Elk archery season is the week before school starts, so If I can get my school stuff sorted early (motivation), this is a very viable option for me.

The last time I was in the draw was in 2005 for area 5 moose, so the way I read it, I should be on the first priority list. I have a few good friends with land on the edge of the Turtles who have already given me permission if I am to get drawn.

What I am looking for is to have some dialogue with some of you guys who are into elk hunting for some tips, tricks and general info. I am not looking for secret spots, as I have my locations primarily sorted based on the permissions that I have. What I am looking for is some general Mb elk info.

Shoot me a pm and we can email. Or if you want to share things on here for others to see, feel free. I just know how important it is to keep secrets close to the chest, so that is not what I'm looking for.

I spend about 175 days on the water up here in the north, so if anyone is looking to come up for a fishing trip we could trade info, or I could even offer to guide someone for info.

Anyway, I'll stop with the life story.

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