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Game Meat Care and Canning Class
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Fuzzy 19-Jan-16
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From: Fuzzy
I've posted this topic before, and got a few "bites" but not enough interest to actually schedule the class.

I'm looking for interest in a 2 day game meat care and canning class, "hands-on" where we start with a whole, field dressed but skin on carcass, go through the butcher and cannning/packaging process, meals included, bring your own jars, bring pressure canner if you have one, bring any meats you have that you want to can (in addition to the carcass provided by the class organizer (that's me and the VPI&SU Extension Food Safety Agent) we provide a place, a kitchen, lids, a Ball Blue Book, and a game meat (and fixins) meal for lunch and dinner the first day, breakfast and lunch the second.

Class fee will run about $60 without lodging, $150 with.

We'll also offer the option of "sitting in" the second day only, for just the canning tutorial and the noon meal at a $30 charge per person. Venue will be in the Wythe/Bland area and class date will be mid October. (there is public hunting land in the area if you want to get in a morning and evening hunt) PM me if you have interest and talk it around to any "Newbie" hunters who may need or want to learn skills.

From: Fuzzy
ttt, y'all tyhink about this, good way to preserve meat long-term, and get in shape to transport for camping and storage without freezing, instant no-cook meals, tenderize tough cuts, etc.

From: Fuzzy
any interest in this?

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