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2016 Archery Tag
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rspecht 20-Jan-16
Active Shooter 22-Jan-16
dgb 25-Jan-16
Paul@thefort 01-Feb-16
Active Shooter 01-Feb-16
From: rspecht
What is the date of when you can purchase a 2016 archery tag in Nebraska?

Usually Mid July, they don't set a date until after their meeting where they review the years numbers, I believe.

From: dgb
should note that they are "over-the-counter" tags so you'll have a problem getting one even if you wait until you are ready to go.

From: Paul@thefort
01-Feb-16 you'll (NOT)have a problem getting one....

I can not remember if Nebraska has electronic/printable deer licenses available. You might have to go to a Division Hdq for the tag or other license dealer.

I am sure someone will chime in about that.


You can purchase and print on-line.

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