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New to site: Geting back into Bowhunting
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tirving 01-Feb-16
swede 06-Feb-16
ghost stalker 08-Feb-16
From: tirving
Hey folks! The last time I went bowhunting, it was 1990 and I was hunting whitetail on the east coast. I recently got the bug again after shooting a recurve, decided to pick up a Prime Alloy and have been spending time learning the art of tuning :) I'm in Portland. If any of you are super bow tuning nerds, I'd love to pick your brain... especially if you're familiar with G5/Prime tuning. If anyone has advice on finding areas to scout, hunt, etc... On the east coast, I had family and friends with land so I ever had to worry too much about figuring out where to go. Thanks, in advance.

From: swede
Welcome back to bow hunting tirving. I don't look at this site very often, as there is little traffic here. There is a lot more on the elk forum. I live about 25 miles NW of Portland. I will sent you my phone #, and talk with you if you send me a Private Reply. I plan to be gone the first half of next week, but I am confident I can help, and at the same time you will get to understand the principles of tuning a bow.

There's an equipment and gear section on the site might check that out may be some info on what your looking for

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