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OTC tags for bull elk.
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Carpethatelk 07-Feb-16
c3 08-Feb-16
I've been reading lots of forums and websites about the general regions and everything I'm finding is around 2011 and before and it's all super negative pretty much saying there are no more elk in these regions with the exception of the uintahs. I'm going to try my luck somewhere down south this year but I'm hoping someone has some optimistic and new information regarding the elk populating in the general region

From: c3
Unfortunately most of the negative talk on Utah's OTC elk units is true. Everything that is not LE gets hammered even the Uintas.

The only place that had elk down south that's not LE was the Henry's that I know of. If I'm not mistaken, they've killed off all those elk down there as well.

Cheers, Pete

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