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Deciding where to move
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maverick351 14-Feb-16
Bdgr 22-Feb-16
AwHunt73 26-Feb-16
From: maverick351
Hello. My family and I are avid outdoors people who hunt and fish. We loved in the Nampa area several years ago and are now looking at moving back to Idaho. We are trying to decide on the BEST fit for us. The wife works from home and I am in the Archery business as a lead bowtech at a large shop. We are debating between the Boise outskirts or Twin Falls, Idaho Falls areas. I am curious what residents or people with knowledge of the area could bring as a why to choose either of the choices. Thanks

From: Bdgr
I would think Boise would have more job opportunities for someone who wants to work in an archery shop.

Twin falls only has one archery shop that I am aware of it seems to do ok. I dont know anything about Idaho falls.

As far as weather, idaho falls is the coldest of the three in the winter but puts you close to world class fishing, the tetons and yellowstone. Boise more of a larger city but still close to the mountains and fishing. Twin falls high desert furthest from the mountains mostly an ag community.

From: AwHunt73
Come to CDA we could use some one with your expertise.

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