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A30 Anyone?
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HuntEasy 14-Feb-16
TheArc 18-Feb-16
adam 20-May-16
From: HuntEasy
I haven't hunted this before but am looking forward to drawing the tag in the next 3-4 years... I realize that the timing of the rut can make this hunt mediocre or really good. Anyone hunt A30 before and willing to share their experiences, rut timing and overall enjoyment? I may try and hunt some private ground up around covelo but since I am way out in points still, not need to get too excited, back to dream land...

From: TheArc
I've pulled the tag several times. If it is just about freezing and rainy you are in luck. Definitely tough if clear and warmer. I hunt on private land near the reservation boundaries. The locals do not follow DFG regs too closely and wack the deer all the time for the most part to keep their grows from getting eaten. You may find the deer are almost exclusively nocturnal since its only a couple of weeks after the general season closes and the harvest activities are just winding down. I really enjoy that time up there much better than the super hot archery only season and the packed general season. Good luck in the draw!

From: adam
I have been holding off drawing this tag, but bit the bullet and am burning my points this year for it. gonna pray for an early cold winter in November. Ill let you know how it goes in 6 months. Adam

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