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Early 116
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HuntEasy 16-Feb-16
HuntEasy 19-Feb-16
Kawabunga 13-Mar-16
GR8R8S 17-May-16
Kawabunga 28-May-16
From: HuntEasy
I am seriously considering 116 this year as an archery deer back pack unit. Is there a lot of traffic from other back packers and outfitters in the wilderness portion? Is the wilderness the best option of 116, for a non-res that hasnt hunted the unit before? I can go in on the back for 4 days pending finding a water source not too far from the deer. Is there a lot of good open country to put the binos to work in? I am 33 years old looking to go in maybe 3-5 hour hike on my back. Any pm's on the unit?

From: HuntEasy
not 116 but 161!!!

From: Kawabunga
I wish this forum had more traffic, i'm a new resident here and am also looking at that unit and have the same questions so not much help, ha ha, fortunately I should be able to do some scouting if drawn, i'm hoping to at least drive up there soon. If I do i'll try to help, good luck!

From: GR8R8S
There's always deer on Table Mtn, Mt. Jefferson and pretty much all the high back country. I suggest you contact the Tonopah NDOW Biologist.

From: Kawabunga
I drew the hunt! thanks GR8R8S, will have to do that, gotta start looking around up there too.

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