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I just took a walk by my daughter's new home. I found three tree stands. All look as if they are left out year round. None had the owner's name on them. In Vermont any stand or blind has to have the owner's name and phone number. How many of us in Vermont mark our stands? How many leave them out in the winter? I have all of mine marked and all are under cover by the end of December.

From: ronsoutdoors
Hello Green mtn I usually take most down but do have a ladderstand up in one area marked with info .its a long way to road so dont take it down every year .always inspect before getting in carefully

From: bigbuck
All mine are Marked,but like you have found most dont mark them .Not only that but you need landowner permission bet 90% dont have that either.I have had to give up hunting some of the big woods that I hunted because it was pretty close to impossible to figure out who owns the land!Many of the guys I have found using tree stands say they never heard of that law or are just playing ignorant.

From: Double_D
Mentioned it before, ridiculous law, I know hunters that won't hunt in VT because of it. I am not referring putting name on stand, having to get permission to a use climber or ground blind sucks.

From: bigbuck
You know Double D I agree totally with you I would like to see that law amended say like any tree or ground blind within say 200 yds of a occupied dwelling needs to have land owner permission,I could live with something like that!!

From: VTslinger
Vermont is much more laid back than some states. In Ohio we had to get written permission from the landowners. Not on a piece of paper but on a state authorized carbon copy form. If you so much as step foot on private property without this form it's an automatic fine. That's why a lot of land there isn't posted because it doesn't have to be. It's already all basically "posted" by the state.

From: deer hunter
I thought if you own the land . You didn't need to leave name/ address for the stand(s) .

From: LiveOutdoors
Vtslinger, your forgetting one thing about ohio. Maximum offence for trespassing in ohio is 90 days in jail. Although it is rare for that penalty to be handed out. Vt is very laid back compared to other states. Remember guys, the laws are usually put in place because of past situations of hunters not doing the ethical things. We can only blame our hunting brother for laws like this.

From: bigbuck
Deer hunter you are right on your own property you don't need anything on them

I don't have any issue putting my name on my stands.I have verbal permission from the landowners. One gentleman often suggests spots to set up as he watches deer activity all year. I wonder how much land is closed due to lack of communication with landowners.

From: Mountain Man
Only stands i have are ladders that stay up year round on my own land,,and there still marked with my name an address If i hunt any where else its on the ground

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