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Elk herd in Frank Church / Sellway?
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JK 22-Feb-16
shark 22-Feb-16
JK 23-Feb-16
idagapp 23-Feb-16
Pumatom 05-Mar-16
Caros29 10-Apr-16
shark 14-Apr-16
From: JK
I'm looking at a guided hunt into the Frank Church or Sellway (Idaho) and wondering if the elk herd has recovered much in the past few years. I've hunted Idaho for a bunch of years, so I'm painfully aware of the impact of wolves. Please ... I'm not looking to start the "wolf" debate.

I'm planning first time elk hunt with my son (14 y/o) ... not sure yet if this is rifle or archery ... just want to have a great back-country elk hunt with my kid.

Have you hunted in the Frank Church or Sellway recently? Has the elk herd recovered much over the past few years?

From: shark
JK I went in there about 5 yrs ago. We packed in about 20 miles from hwy 16, close to moose cr. I saw 3 elk in a week hunting off horse back. It was early Sept., not what I was expecting for sure.

From: JK
Shark - thanks for the info. The elk herd is in rough shape but I was holding out some hope that it had recovered in the past few years.

Has anyone out there hunted the Sellway/Frank-Chruch in the past 2-3 years? I'm not looking for secret spots ... just wondering if the elk herd is on the mend. I know F&G killed off some of the dogs out there ... hoping that made a difference.

From: idagapp
JK - I have been in the Selway a fair bit over the past 10 years. I would say there has been some recovery of elk and some extra pressure on the wolves to positive effect. If you are looking for a guided hunt I would suggest as a possibility. Dick Wenger (540 383 6386)knows the country and knows bow hunting if that is your choice. They have good populations of muleys and whitetails if you do a late hunt. Lots of bears too.

From: Pumatom
For a great elk hunt You should talk to Robert at little wood outfitters in Carey. It's not a wilderness but he horsepacks way back in to some really good elk hunting.

From: Caros29
Pumatom I'm glad to see your endorsement as I'm going with them on my first elk hunt this september.

From: shark
JK I am going in to Moose cr sometime in June for about a week. I can give you a report when I come out if you are interested?

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