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April catfishing and turkeys
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BrianC 25-Feb-16
Eagle_eye_Andy 10-Mar-16
BrianC 11-Mar-16
From: BrianC
Some friends and I will be turkey hunting around Niobrara in mid April. We are staying at the Niobrara State Park. Is there any shore fishing opportunities close by for catfish in the Niobrara or Missouri Rivers?

If so, what baits would be best?


Just talking about this with another guy today! Hit the railroad bridge just east of the State Park on the Niobrara river with livers or cut bait. There is a Lewis and Clark look-out on the road east of the cabins before you come to the Niobrara pond, go up the hill and park there and follow the trail to the east down the hill. If water is high you should have no problem finding cats. If its low, don't be afraid to sneak along the bank and fish a foot from the bank You can move up or downstream from there if you are willing to bush-wack, there are good holes all along there.

good luck!

From: BrianC
Thanks for the tip Eagle_eye_Andy!!!


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