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Osceola turkey and peacock bass
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Chainsaw 25-Feb-16
Swampbuck 25-Feb-16
Firehuntfish 28-Feb-16
Chainsaw 11-Mar-16
Panhandle Bob 15-Mar-16
From: Chainsaw
I'm currently working in South Florida and would like to go on a spring Osceola turkey hunt. Could anyone recommend somewhere to go or someone to go with? How about a good peacock bass guide?

From: Swampbuck
Where are you in S Fla?

From: Firehuntfish


This guy's name is Alan Zaremba. He lives in my neighborhood. There are several guides in the area that offer peacock bass fishing, but this guy dedicates his entire business toward peacocks. I don't think he does anything else. Most of his charters are in the Miami area. A lot of the fishing takes place from his boat in residential canals.

He has been featured on a few different tv fishing shows, and in some articles. He definitely has the peacock thing down to a science. I have never fished with him, but he seems like a nice enough guy. He is always booked so he must be doing something right.

From: Chainsaw
I'm in Hollywood Swampbuck. Thank you Firehuntfish!


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