Archery Info for Raleigh area
North Carolina
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Brian_M 29-Feb-16
BuckWild96 31-Jul-16
From: Brian_M
Hi, I'm considering a job on the NC State campus. I grew up in the Midwest and now have called the west home. I have spent a few days here and there in Raleigh over the years, but never spent any real time there scoping it out. Can anyone point me in a starting direction of areas to consider starting to look for houses. Would love to have a couple acres, be within a 30 min commute to campus, and of course be close to good schools for the kids and shopping for the wife. I know, such a place may not exist.

I haven't touched a gun in 15 years, so the bowhunting layout of the area is great too, from archery ranges, clubs, shops, etc. Done some research that seems to indicate there's a lot of urban opportunities and game land that is archery only. So any info you can give to help in the decision is very appreciated! Thanks!

From: BuckWild96
Join CCAA archery association. Great shoots every year.

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