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2016 Hunt Plans
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From: sticksender
OK this forum has been very quiet lately. So how about posting your hunt plans for this year, as they start to gel?

Hoping to try once again to bow-kill a Dall's Sheep in the NWT. I'm on the waiting list for a cancellation date with the outfitter.

Other than that, just hoping for something out west in the long-shot state draws. A Desert Sheep tag would be real nice!

From: pav
Hope you get another crack at a Dall this year Greg. Get that 3/4 Slam under your belt!

It's back to Alaska for me in August for caribou..and maybe black bear...depending on where the caribou herds are hanging out during our hunt dates.

Still applying for several premium tags (sheep,goat,elk, bison)...most having pretty long odds though. Figure if I draw a premium tag, I'll just have to make time for it!

Best of luck in 2016!

From: Turpie
Heading to the bow fishing US Open in Memphis TN this year

Heading up to Manitoba for a spring bear hunt. Other than that, I will be chasing whitetails here in IN and maybe Southern OH.

Good luck guys! C

From: KDC
Leaving for a turkey hunt in Texas on March 19th. Then, turkey in Kansas, Kentucky, and here in April. Hopefully, elk in Colorado in September.

From: NY Bowman
Stingrays at Chincoteague in May Black Bear in New Brunswick in June Alligator in Florida in August Elk in CO in Sept Deer in IN and NY Have entries in for very long shot moose hunts.

Turkeys here in IN and OH with my daughter, Grace and hopefully my son, Jonathan. I'm excited that he is showing some interest in hunting with me this year. Up until now it's just been fishing for him.

Hoping to draw NM second archery elk again for the fall. Will know here at the end of April. Fingers crossed

Whitetails here in northeast IN this fall. Hoping to find a new urban spot this summer. My good friend, Charlie, who let me hunt the last 10yrs passed away and I can no longer hunt his ground.

Finish the year out folding some ducks and geese with my new Benelli.

Good luck with your hunt plans and the draws! Pete

From: INbowdude
Turkey hunting in Kansas and Indiana. Porkapalooza in June at Shiloh Ranch. Fighting the urge to book an axis hunt but I'm slipping. I'm a weak man, I could be in trouble.

From: JTV
Staying here in Indiana and hunting where these damn rifles are not allowed...on State land that is archery only and no stands can be left overnight ...

From: JFP
Just Indiana whitetails this year but slowly putting together a DIY Colorado elk hunt for 2017. I am a First timer for that.

OH BABY!!!! Found out today that I drew 2nd archery elk in New Mexico with my good friend! JJ and I were terror on some chipmunks and sparrows 34 years ago when we were 8. We've been killing deer together for a lot of years since then. Now, hopefully I can call in his first elk. Super excited!!!!

Now I need to call in a couple turkeys for Grace: one here and one in OH. Pete

From: sticksender
Congrats on your draw luck Pete! Excellent season dates for chasing those rutting bulls.

From: pav
Congrats Pete! Like Greg said, 2nd season dates should be alot of fun!

New Mexico, like Arizona and Montana apparently did not want my dollars.... :^(

Thanks guys! still can't believe that we drew. We are in a low demand unit, but still didn't expect to draw our 1st choice. JJ killed his long beard this evening so he is off to a heck of a start for 2016!

My brother and I have drawn 3rd season unit 67 mule deer tags in CO! It will be our first crack at mulies out West.

From: sticksender
Well no draw luck here yet and we're just about out of western draws to hope for this year. Three states to go, but they're all extreme long shots....MT, AZ, OR.

Finally did get lined up for another try at archery Dall Sheep this fall in NWT. Different outfitter this time.

Anyone else have plans made?

From: pav
No luck in the Western draws here either. Only remaining Western big game application pending is a very long shot sheep tag in AZ.

Still on for Alaska caribou in late August. Looking forward to getting back on the tundra.

Given the fact Indiana's firearms season opens WAY too early this year...and with no Western big game tags in my pocket, I did apply for Iowa last week....with good odds of drawing an archery deer tag.

Can't wait to hear about your Dall hunt Greg. Best of luck to you on the third leg of your Grand Slam quest!

From: sticksender
Nice! I'm envious of your Iowa hunt. Would love to hunt that state every year if they allowed it! What a great management scheme up there. Will have to wait another year or two to go again, just got point #2.

Look forward to hearing about your Alaska 'bou hunt!

From: pav
Finally seeing the word "SUCCESSFUL" next to one of my 2016 big game applications....Iowa deer tag (Zone 6).

From: sticksender

JJ and I leave Friday evening for NM! I have all of my sub plans and preparations made to be able to walk away from my classroom for a week and feel good about what my students and sub will be doing.

Have food to buy this week and packing to do before we point the SUV west. Weather looks to be in the low 70s and upper 60s with little chance of rain. SUPER excited to chase elk again!! Hoping to give you a little write up when I get home.

Good luck if you have an urban spot to hunt starting this coming Thursday! Pete

From: pav
Best of luck Pete!

Be safe and shoot straight!

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