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turkey hunting.
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From: grindersonly
Hey Everyone. I am a non resident to Nebraska and me and my girlfriend and a couple others are coming to Nebraska for turkeys this spring. We are coming the last 2 days of bow only and the first 2 days of shotgun. We will be hunting in the Chadron area. I am not very familiar with the area so I have a few questions. 1. What can I expect for number of birds, what is the status of the flock? 2. Are lighted nocks legal? 3. What are the chances of getting on some private ground, we would be willing to pay a trespass fee. 4. Any other tips or info anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank You all for your time.

From: PSEshooter

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I don't live near Chadron, but the number of birds in my area are relatively the same as last year (I'm in the Lincoln area), lighted nocks are legal at least it's not mentioned in the hunting rules and regulations from Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The only requirement is that you use at least a blade with a 7/16" radius or a blunt head with a 9/16" radius. You might want to consider scouting around the area you intend to hunt and get permission to hunt on private property.

As you likely realize, Gun season or just prior is likely the worse time to ask permission. But it never hurts to ask. Fortunately that area has tons of public land, but it will be busy opening day. If you could wait a week or 2 you would have much less competition on public and likely get on private. You might try Craigslist or a local farm management company concerning a trespass fee. Also call the game warden, he definitely would know both good public and farmers charging trespass. I never go anywhere without calling the game warden, always found them very useful. Just may need to wait several days for a return call.

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