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From: Tim in Wa.
I'm just getting back into bow hunting wit a recurve,I have a new one on order.Bow tuning seems like it would be more easily explained face to face with a much shorter learning curve. I,M wandering if there are any trad. Get together s in the Puget Sound area Tim

From: coxral
Where abouts ya at here in the Puget Sound Area? What kinda curve ya get? Been shoot'n Trad 4ever and hunt'n quite a few, by no means an expert!

From: Tim in Wa.
I'm in Poulsbo and I have a 60 recurve that I made right now. I have a stalker "Coyote" either 60" or 62" (T.B.D.) on order Tim

From: Tim in Wa.
I'm in Poulsbo and I have a 60 recurve that I made right now. I have a stalker "Coyote" either 60" or 62" (T.B.D.) on order Tim

From: Stiknstring
KBH there in Gorst used to have a trad shoot, was lots of fun with moving targets, even an underwater carp. Not sure if they still do it.

From: coxral
Yeah, what Stiknstring said. Also, I believe there's a Traditional Club outta Bremerton? Maybe their outta KBH, memory ain't what it used to be! On a side note, LOVE Poulsbo!

From: Tim in Wa.
What is KBH? I've never heard of that

From: recurve
Go to Flint tip Archery's Father's Day shoot June 18 &19 in Enumclaw. It's a traditional shoot. Lots of folks there to help you.

From: coxral
KBH= Kitsap Bow Hunters.

From: Tim in Wa.
I guess that makes sense

From: cch
Also check out Traditional Bowhunters of Wa. We have a big shoot coming up in April in Moses Lake on the weekend of 22-24th. If you need help PM me. I live in Snohomish. Chris.

From: Machias
If that is the Rock shoot, you don't want to miss that. What a blast!!!

From: cch
It is the Rock Shoot. Everything will be set up by Thursday.

From: Leigh
Tim in WA. Are you still in the area (Kitsap)?

From: Tim in Wa.
Yep I'm still here . My laptop crashed and after I got another one I've been unable to log on here until recently

I'm new to making my own bows, I've never used pacific yew wood. How wide should the tree be that I cut my staves from?

From: osage
Much smaller than 8" diameter or so would have a bit more crown than I like. A 12" diameter Yew would likely be over 150 years old, so carefully evaluation for straightness, before cutting, cant be stressed enough. Yew was once endangered due to it being used to extract Taxol, a cancer treatment drug which has since been synthesized. Also, I have heard that the berries are poisonous, so don't eat 'em.

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