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caribou off Dalton Hey
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bowfishoholic 08-Mar-16
LoneStalker 22-Jun-16
We are going to Alaska to hunt caribou off of the Dalton Hey. Does anyone have suggestions on the best place for most of the month of August? We are planning on spending the month with our RV. We know it should be rough terrain and are familiar with hunting elk in the back country of Wyoming. Any suggestions on clothing, techniques,or other things that might help.if we get our caribou early, we will spend time fishing or sight seeing. We already are preparing for extra fues, solar electric, extra tires, freezer, extra batteries, GPS, game cart. Thanks for ideas.

From: LoneStalker
I'm doing the same hunt and also have experience with backcountry elk hunting but this is my first caribou trip. If you already know the basics I would add bug nets to your list.

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