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From: assassin84
Just wanted to give out a fair warning to anyone using or planning on using Rack'em Smack'em Taxidermy In Rush city. Save you money and Time and go somewhere else. The price may seem right but the work is terrible, and the customer service is even worse. The mount has multiple things wrong with it and they don't seem to care about the work they send out the doors.

would like to see a pic of the problems with your mount.

From: assassin84
I will post some up when I get back home.

From: JT
That is a common problem with taxidermists. They are almost a dime a dozen. Don't expect that all work is the same. Just because the price is right doesn't mean the work will be. Take time to look at their work ahead of time. I would definitely recommend paying more for high quality work.

Taxidermy is an art and most have mounts in their shop that you can look at, inspect, and decide then and there. Going sololy off price is a bad choice but sometimes things happen with a certain mount but hopefully he would be honest and be upfront if there was a problem. i would like to see a picture of your mount.

From: assassin84

assassin84's embedded Photo
assassin84's embedded Photo

From: assassin84

assassin84's embedded Photo
assassin84's embedded Photo

For what you paid that is an excellent deer head. The mount itself is actually fairly good. But it can't be compared to a top of the line deer mount...there is a reason that a lot of taxidermist are charging double what you paid. (that assumes he is charging the price i see when i drive by on the interstate)

From: assassin84
looks can be deceiving I thought the same thing until I got a second opinion. The cape was never tanned or glued to the form. The cape is not the same cape I dropped off you can't see it in the pictures but it has and entrance and exit hole different from the kill shot on my deer. I could go on and on about all the things the pictures can't/don't show but I won't.I didn't expect show quality work for the price but I did expect it do at least be finished. I'm not the first guy to be burned and I'm sure I won't be the last.

From: 12yards

12yards's embedded Photo
12yards's embedded Photo
I had bucks I shot in 2001, 2004, and 2010 done here:

Randy does great work but is expensive. Not sure he still does it or not but he is worth a call. My last buck was done by Sportsman's Image taxidermy in Little Falls. Not a great pic, but the three on the left were done by Stoneyhills and the one on the right was done by Sportsman's Image.

From: DanWarnest

DanWarnest's embedded Photo
DanWarnest's embedded Photo
Buck ( yeah, what better name could a taxidermy guy have) at Two Rivers Taxidermy just outside of Hinckley was great to work with. $550 or so, he does great work!!

From: Deerbuck
We have had numerous mounts done by Rack'm Smack'm Taxidermy, they are great! We love their work, & we keep going back to them. Great prices, quality service, great customer service. Wanted to let people know something good, not everyone has bad experiences with taxidermists. We will go back again & so does our whole family & friends! They are a great place, we would trust them with any of our mounts!

From: Bou'bound

From: Tonybear61
Whether the mounts ends up looing good or not it had better be your cape unless you instructed them other wise. After all the animal generally has sentimental value behind it. Other wise you could just claim a mount of certain size and call it yours.

From: 32Timbers
I like Buck. He does a great job.

From: jjs
Have a good friend that is a taxidermist for 37 yrs (this is all he does) and he gets very disturbed with so-called taxidermist that will undercut the cost by doing shabby cost cutting methods. He has got to the point that he refuses to redo the mess-ups that is brought to him, he usually tells the person to do their homework and if it is cheap there is usually a reason for it. His motto is "what is hanging on the wall is his work and perfection his customers should get."

From: South Farm
Rob's Taxidermy in Isanti does nice work!

Whatever name he goes by, stay away from Dan Walton wherever that lying meth-headed POS thief is doing business these days!!!!!!

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