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DIY Hawaii Public Lands
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ViolentNomad 10-Mar-16
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From: ViolentNomad
Aloha brothers and sisters of the bow!

My name is Ben and I am heading to Kauai next week with my lady for some adventures on your beautiful island. I am a bowhunter in Colorado and typically target elk and mule deer. I am bringing my bow, and have applied for the letter of exemption with the state, and want to get after some pigs or goats on public land. I have done some research but I didn't know if there were any hunters out there who would be willing to hunt with me, or if any of you would be kind enough to recommend some public access areas for goats or pigs.

I am planning on hiking in on the Napali Coast and targeting some high meadows near water. I also want to try the Waimea Canyon rim which looks like it has been absolutely decimated by goats.

Big Aloha to you all, I am grateful for the opportunity to hunt your beautiful island. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo!

From: glass eye

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Sounds like you're on the right track, just don't trust your footing. The terrain is very crumbly, loose, and very steep.

From: Kawabunga
Good luck, sorry i'm from the Big Island so not much help but that Napali hikes supposed to be a good one, have fun!

From: ViolentNomad
Thanks guys. Looks like I will be hunting units F & G for goat, and unit J for pig. I can't wait. Chickens are open season too ya? Time to pack ahhh!!!


I visit Kauai every year for weeks and spending an additional week on the Big Island. I am going to be hunting on both islands. Anyone have any suggestions on which hunting zones are "hot" for a trad archer? Kawabunga if you'd like to go hunting together let me know.


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