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Shed hunting on GFP land
South Dakota
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tk 14-Mar-16
Animal Killer 14-Mar-16
DR 25-Mar-16
From: tk
I got an email the other day from the GFP and it was a reminder to everyone that it is illegal to remove sheds, skulls or any other part of a deer carcass from GFP land. I knew that it was illegal to remove sheds from Custer State Park and Wind Cave Park, but had no clue you couldn't do it on land that was owned or leased by the GFP. Did anyone else know that this was a law?

i dont think this will stop the majority of ppl from shed hunting on gfp lands. like my old man, he doesnt know of the law, nor does he use a computer nor email. It does now state it in the rule book either. IMO what is the difference between shooting a atlered buck in the fall vs finding its sheds in the spring?

From: DR
From reading the statute it seems more intended to ensure Indian artifacts, minerals, rock/timber etc aren't taken or destroyed. Badly written and needs clarification. Another thing to add to those communications with GFP and lawmakers. Ever vigilant

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