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Public Lands give away
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Larv 15-Mar-16
Bdgr 10-Jun-16
From: Larv
SB 1338 sponsored by Nuxoll would allow county sheriffs to declare public lands a nuisance...(todays Statesman incorrectly listed this Bill# as 1138.)

HB 582 states the State has no intent to sell public lands it obtains (you believe that, right?)

HB 586 withdraws past consent granted Federal Govt to acquire additional Idaho lands.

These are all Idaho land grabs sponsored by our elected officials!!

These Bills need our phone calls and emails..Tel# to call is 332-1000


From: Bdgr
Have been following this isssue and adding my name to petitions thru the back country hunters and anglers and by emailing my state reps. Idaho was endowed with something like 2 million acres when it became a state roughly 1/2 of that has been sold to private entities who are free to lock it up. I say NO!

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