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new calibers legal in gun season
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ARROW 16-Mar-16
hoosierhunter 21-Mar-16
JTV 21-Mar-16
hoosierhunter 23-Mar-16
JFP 29-Mar-16
JFP 30-Mar-16
Jon Simoneau 10-May-16
soldierbowman2 29-Jun-16
Did I hear the news right that it has been signed into law we now can use 5 more high power rifles cartridges in gun season ?

It has been passed by both the house and senate. Not sure if the Governor has officially signed it into law yet or not, but it is expected that he will.

From: JTV
Well, there goes the neighborhood !!

Legal on private lands only (for now)... 5 year trial

.243, 30/30, .308, 30/06, 300 win. mag only .....

Damn Idiots !!

Yea not really a fan of it myself. IN continues to go down the slippy slope path. I miss the old days of shotgun & muzzleloader only.

From: JFP
What exactly will these rifles hurt anyway? I am curious. I don't care too much either way as I generally only bowhunt. Once the gun hunters start shooting up the place I usually sit out for 3 weeks or so.

From: JFP
@Dudeist Yes, thank you. I had not considered those particular ramifications. I too am not very pleased with the crossbow added to archery season. I was reluctantly OK with it in the late season for doe only. At least we have a one buck rule.. :)

From: Jon Simoneau
What a shame. For years I was hoping Indiana would adjust the rut hunting gun slaughter that already goes on. Indiana would be just as good or better than Iowa if they did this. I figured eventually managers would make the right call. Instead they went the exact opposite direction. There will be fewer big bucks in Indiana as a result of this. I'd be infuriated if I were you guys.

JTV Maybe I read it different but it is not just 5 calibers allowed. It is a few bullet diameters ( calibers )..243 Diameter, .308 diameter . It also allowed far more chambering's then what you listed. 7.62x39, 300 Savage, 6mm Rem, 300 win mag, 300 Weathersby mag etc.

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