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turkeys breaking up
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jims 19-Mar-16
steve hay 19-Mar-16
lineman21 20-Mar-16
lineman21 25-Mar-16
Eagle_eye_Andy 30-Mar-16
jims 24-Apr-16
From: jims
I'm curious if anyone has noticed if the turkeys in their particular area in Nebraska are starting to break up from their large winter flocks? Also, any strutting activity?

From: steve hay
Strutters, yes......breakup, no.

From: lineman21
Last week with the warm weather there were a few groups of toms and jakes wandering.

From: lineman21
Really starting to break up here in Frontier county. Strutting and gobbling also.

Same thing up here in Douglas, Washington, Burt counties. Breaking up and strutting

From: jims
Just returned from a successful Nebraska hunt. Lots of single hens and turkeys are broken up and scattered all over the country. Just got a bunch of moisture and it is really greening up.

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