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Anyone in LA basin have a CO Sheep supp
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IdyllwildArcher 25-Mar-16
THP 03-Apr-16
IdyllwildArcher 05-Apr-16
THP 05-Apr-16
My wife threw out my CO sheep/goat supplement.

Does anyone have one that lives in the LA basin that is not using the paper application in it? I'd gladly come pick it up.

The app is not available to be printed. They can mail it, but I'm leaving in a couple days for the AK bush and I'm worried it won't make it through the snail mail.


From: THP
Apply online

You can't apply online for sheep/goat. But they put a printable app online a couple days ago with a different address and my app is in the mail. If anyone needs the link, PM me.

From: THP
I stand corrected.. I didn't realize non residents couldn't apply online..As a resident I don't fully understand all our stupid rules and regs for those applying out of state. I quit using paper apps years ago. Good luck in the draw!

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