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From: live2hunt88
I am planning on coming to the family farm in Edgar county in the October and doing some archery hunting. I'm curious as to when you guys feel is the best time to be in the woods up there? I am thinking close to Halloween but wanted some opinions.

I will be back for a week during Thanksgiving to visit the family as well.

Late October would be best. You will be seeing some pre-rut activity then.

From: Boone
2nd week of November.

November is always best....but my favorite time is the last week of October, I feel its the best time to rattle. Good luck

Is anyone on the Illinois forum anymore

not much action right now. I have been seeing lots more does this spring. Mild winter and some hunter restraint in our area helped.

From: jstephens61
I hunt just south of you in Clark, close to the line. Best time IMO would be from 10/25 to just before the first shotgun season. Look me up, we'll have coffee.

From: TMA1010
For whatever reason it seems the hunting gets really good every year around Oct 27 and stays good up to the 1st shotgun season. If I had to pick a week ahead of time I'd go with either Oct 27-Nov 2 or Nov 6-12. Those have been the dates that have been the best for me in the past.

From: Edge Hunter
The 7 days before gun season is my choice.

From: live2hunt88
jstephens61 we will have to do that bud!

looks like I will be up there Nov. 4-13 then returning for thanksgiving and more hunting Nov. 23-Dec. 4.

This is a trip I've taken every year growing up and always look forward to it. Now I'm fortunate enough to work for a company that offers me a lot of vacation time so I will be frequenting up there more often in the fall.

From: Don K
The second gun season is December 1st through the 4th (FYI)

From: live2hunt88
I noticed that, that's alright. I will use the extra time to spend some time with the family and help take care of some things around the farm for them. I live in Oklahoma so the I only see them around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

From: Don K

Don K's Link
Looks like there may be a possibility of bow-hunting during gun season.(on private land) Read rules change proposals, not much info on this on what tag one can hunt on if this is true.

From: Emmitt
For the last 6-7 years I hunted my friends farm in Edgar County (Near Paris)... if you can, hunt hard the two weeks prior to the three day shotgun season (First two weeks of November). I have harvested some monster deer... This year I'm heading to Chester Illinois located in Randolph County

From: LBshooter
Halloween is a great time to be in the woods.

From: live2hunt88
Emmitt I will be hunting between Paris and Chrisman. Be there 5-15, hoping to time it out right

From: Deebz

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They changed the rules to allow archery hunting during the firearm season...but it's only on private land, AND you have to have a firearm permit to do so...

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