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Cool Turkey Encounter in Nor Cal
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elkmtngear 05-Apr-16
Calgroundgame 12-Apr-16
QQ Archery 21-Apr-16
From: elkmtngear
Kitty2 photo kitty3_zpsbinougxu.jpg

Kitty photo kittycat_zps3cypvbwr.jpg

Took these on Sunday around 11:30 AM at a distance of about 8 feet.

I was calling aggressively, and heard something approaching directly to my right...hoping it was a gobbler. NOT A GOBBLER! When I realized what it was, I turned my head, and he saw the movement and stopped (2 more steps and he would have been in my lap).

He watched patiently as I slowly dug my cellphone out of my leg pocket...futzed around with it, and eventually started grabbing pics.

Finally got tired of the game and turned away and walked off. Pretty heart-hammering encounter. I shared it on the Main Big Game Forum, but I thought I'd share it with the Cali guys (this was up in Shasta County)

Best Of Luck, Jeff

NICE!!!Great Pics! way to keep your cool

From: QQ Archery

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cool shot elkmntgear .you talk about watching your back ,thanks for the pic

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