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Deer Management business opportunity
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Ronson01 14-Apr-16
gadan 18-Oct-17
From: Ronson01
Hi Everone My name is Bob White and I retired about a year ago and find myself with way too much time on my hands.One thing I have learned about retirement is it can be pretty boring at times.I have always been an avid hunter and have a great appreciation for wild life , notably deer habitat. I was taught to read my hunting surroundings by my Father at an early age and would like to tone my skills by starting a deer property management business. I'm not looking into any full-time opportunity that will put me back in a work rut I had many years of that. At this time in my life taking it slow and perhaps setting up in a mid range gear . I don't really know how to get started . Any suggestions from anyone on getting started.

From: gadan
No but you might start looking at some of the hunting property sites like in GON. You might at least find some leads there.

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