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Got the 2016 Big Game Digest today
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IdyllwildArcher 27-Apr-16
IdyllwildArcher 28-Apr-16
IdyllwildArcher 30-Apr-16
Matt 11-May-16
Glad to see they got them out before the draw this year :)

But damn, they slashed the Tule tags! Whitney, West Tinemaha, Tinemaha mountain, and the rifle tags for Tinemaha got removed. Anyone know what's behind this?

We didn't get any archery tags back after the wholesale hatchet job they did on the archery tags last year - very disappointing. I'm going to make an effort to get to a meeting where my voice can be heard about this. It's BS. Which public meeting would folks recommend for next year? And does anyone know when it is?

Nice to see we got some sheep tags back.

And it looks like all the FHL elk hunts are closed due to base operations. Looks like we just lost a significant % of the Tule tags.

I spoke with the head biologist of the elk program who answered a lot of questions, but referred me to the regional biologist for specific questions about tag numbers. I'm going to try and get a hold of him Monday.

From: Matt
The math is terrible.

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