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Spring Bears
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bowhunter1691 29-Apr-16
chukarchump 29-Apr-16
Bowman 11-Mar-17
Hey guys, I am new to this site so bear with me if I ask or post something I shouldn't. Myself and a friend are planning a spring bear hunt in Idaho for mid to late April of 2017. I would really like to hunt units 10 and 12 (the reduced tag fees are very appealing ??). But I also noticed unit 39 appears to have a pretty high success rate compared to other units. Can units 10 and 12 be easily accessed during this time, or are they pretty well snow covered? We will be hiking in on foot for some spot and stalk hunting. We are both in good shape and covering ground on foot is not a problem for us, even though we are from Nebraska. Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

From: chukarchump
Unit 39 is the largest population base (Boise) in Idaho and gets quite the overflow of bear hunters. I am sure this skews the success statistic. Lots of hunters.

Access in 10 and 12 is really good right now. No, you cant get into all the high elevation areas until the end of June, but accessing non motorized roads and hiking trails from the Lochsa river is very doable. Tons of bears and tons of brush. Have a good hunt!

From: Bowman
Hi, Joden here. I'm doing a spring BB hunt in unit 10 and or 12. Coming from out of state, was curious if someone on here is willing to set up a bait station before I arrive and make a few bucks?

Thanks Joden

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