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Adak Caribou
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BobH92057 03-May-16
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From: BobH92057
Brother and I are planning an Adak caribou hunt for Jan 2017. At our age and distance apart, might be our only hunt together.

Anyone ever done this cow only hunt in Jan?


From: Hugh
another venue for this kind of information is, its an Alaska based outdoors forum.


From: LKH
Lived there for 10 years. We normally didn't hunt until Feb simply because boating was so iffy. The bou will be quite pale in color by then and spotting them is a little tougher than you might think. Mixed grass and snow gives them some pretty good came.

They are quite lean by then and make excellent eating.

Do not shoot any critter that doesn't have antlers. Most of the bulls will be bald and you will be able to I.D. them quite well. It's the younger ones and older cows that are a challenge. Depend on the penal sheath for sexing the animals.

One year a friend shot a modest bull. Partner rolled it over to gut it and said, "Leo, someone stole the balls off your bull". Cows can have pretty good antlers out there.

From: BobH92057
Thanks for the insight on Adak. We're looking forward to this hunt; heard it can be challenging!

From: glass eye

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I hunted waterfowl there in January 2014 and lots of deep snow brought the bou down into town. I have video of one that bedded down right next to me. I walked up to to about 8 yards away but then a covey of ptarmigan buzzed by me and I emptied my shotgun at them. Didn't see what the bou did but I can only imagine. Later that same year in September, we went back for caribou but our flight was delayed by 4 days, so we ended up with a 1 day hunt. Could have shot a small bull but passed. Going there again in January for waterfowl.

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