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Resident in which state?
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Yendor 06-May-16
coxral 07-May-16
Stiknstring 21-May-16
Jim/WA 06-Jun-16
Yendor 04-Jul-16
GregE 11-Sep-16
From: Yendor
OK guys help me out. Last Oct I bought a house in Oregon. Rented it until April 1. Sold our Washington house May 1. OK so I can't hunt in Oregon as a resident until I have lived here 6 months. So that puts it into Nov before I can get a resident license. So back to Washington. I left Washington may 1. When does my residency end in Washington. I have already purchase my 2016 license, and put in for my Moose tag. I am doing it as a resident, because I have to be able to claim to be a resident of at least one. I have 17 points going into this years draw. I put in for 4 ares, where In the past I have only put in for 1. My chances should be pretty good. The is about a $1,000 dollar difference in resident and non resident tags. Am I right or wrong. I should belong to one or the other, but probably a resident in neither.

From: coxral
Don't quote me on this but! Residency switched the day you switched Drivers Licenses and/or Utilities, as far as they know. You might call an Atty for giggles, WDFG might see it otherwise! Only issue I see is you have the Wash License/Tags and if you're checked and have an Oregon Drivers License.

From: Stiknstring
As far as I understand it, if you are a resident at time of purchase of your tag and application, and not eligible for resident status in your new state, then you are legal. Resident: A person who has maintained a permanent place of abode within this state for at least 90 days immediately preceding an application for a WDFW license; ..... and who is not licensed to hunt or fish as a resident in another state; or receiving resident benefits from another state. . . . We will just ignore the "has established by formal evidence (including but not limited to driver's license or voter registration card) an intent to continue residing within this state;" part...

From: Jim/WA
I moved from VA to Nc years ago and shortly afterward got fined fishing in VA even though I had a legally purchased (at the time) VA fishing license. The warden told me my license was no longer valid the day I got a NC drivers license. Different states but I suspect the law will be applied the same.

From: Yendor
I wrote Washington and they said I lost my Washington residency the day I sold my house. And Oregon says that my residency doesn't start until 6 months after I get my driver's license. Non resident everywhere.

From: GregE
Ouch , A Man Without a State. Sounds like a Leclerc novel title.

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