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Will be bow hunting elk for the first time this year, and will also be my first trip to Idaho. What's the elk heard like in the Island Park area? Also was wondering what you all thought about purchasing a bear tag as well. Any advice is appreciated.

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Looks like the Island Park bull populations are below objective but the cow population is meeting. I think you will be in grizzly country up there since I'm on the border and know they keep moving further south. Just be aware of that. I've seen black bears on almost every trip. Have a buddy that lost a camp from them as well.

I won't buy a bear tag because they are too expensive for a NR. If I have a crack at a really big bear, I'll shoot and use my elk tag (they're good for bear, wolf & mt lion too). It'd have to be an awesome bear to justify that.

Don't know if Island Park has OHV restrictions but definitely check even if you don't have one. If the restrictions are there, nobody is supposed to day hunt off them. You can use them on the trails to bring a camp in or meat out...that's it. They enforce it because I've turned guys in 2/3 years.

Thanks for the info. Yes, was aware we would be in griz country, so will definitely be bringing bear spray. Would love to see one, just not eye to eye if you know what I mean.

Any idea if one area is better than the other. Will only have one day to scout before the hunt so it would be nice to know if area 61 is better than 62 for example.

Obviously hoping for a nice bull, but any elk with a bow will be a trophy to me. A bear would be icing on the cake. Booboo back straps are yummy.

Thanks again for the info.

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