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CR area taxidermist wanted
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Ollie 16-May-16
Scrappy 22-May-16
jjs 23-Oct-16
From: Ollie
Just found out that Joe Meder of Kodiak taxidermy in Solon is retiring and no longer taking mounts. Can anyone recommend a good taxidermist in the Cedar Rapids area? Going on a black bear hunt in two weeks and I'd like to identify someone before leaving. Thanks.

From: Scrappy
Not real close to you but Mike Myers in Goose lake is awesome. I have been using him since 2007. A real professional with tons of talent. Definitely won't be disappointed

From: jjs
Collin Taxidermy, Denver, Ia (I know it is not close to CR), he and Joe Meder have work on projects over the yrs and Bill Collins has been doing it for 37 yrs and is not cheap but his work is top notch.

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