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Kentucky elk
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DrDeniseJ 22-May-16
Root 04-Jun-16
r-man 22-Sep-16
Geno 29-Oct-16
bigbuckbob 25-Jan-17
Knott Co. Cabin 13-Mar-17
DD 27-Mar-17
From: DrDeniseJ
I am a pa archery Hunter who drew an antlerless elk tag! I need help_ anyone who could help out with guiding me or giving me assistance? I am a physically fit woman. I prefer to stay in an rv, lodge, etc vs roughing it. I have time off work Nov 5 for a week. Thanks for any help!!

From: Root
Not very many people on here anymore. Your best bet is call Fish and wildlife in Frankfort they will be able to head you in the right direction. Root

From: r-man
Asked some question about elk here in the past , was met with less then expected responces . It appears it hard for even locals to get a tag , hence the lack of info . We need more states in the east to get elk programs started to give us easterners more options .

From: Geno
PM sent

From: bigbuckbob
Did you try just searching on the net for Kentucky elk outfitters. There several to chose from. Good luck, I'm also a non-resident considering a hunt in KY.

112 acres in prime Knott Co. KY. (Mousie) area. Family owned. Accommodations (for 2 hunters) are on site and all home cooked meals will be provided. Looking to book fall self guided hunts for deer/elk. Good hunting, good food, and good times. Very familiar with area and more than willing to help out if needed.

From: DD
Sent ya a pm

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