Summit Treestands
Mark Twain NF
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jleger 28-May-16
MichaelArnette 03-Aug-16
mdharris86 22-Sep-16
From: jleger
Hey guys, how is the bowhunting on the National forest?

I have, I've seen a couple real bruisers too. Can't really give much info but it's worth hunting and a beautiful place!

From: mdharris86
Make sure you lock up your stands and game cameras, we used to own property that backed up to Mark Twain NF and it was amazing at how much was stolen. We had a massive wooden platform stand that we built ourselves and it was taken by trespassers (Over $450 in materials). We also saw a lot of deer hunters on camera that were hunting on OUR property outside of deer season.

I have 160 acres that is surrounded by NF and we have never caught a trespasser on a game camera but we do get pressure around us. I consider the NF to be difficult hunting and would much rather hunt around farm country any day.

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