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West Wasatch
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From: brewski
I drew a west Wasatch Buck tag and was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good public access area?

Get yourself a trail map for the wasatch front. There are places in all the canyons to access the trailheads. Get in good hiking shape and plan on backpacking up high in the early season and spending a few nights per trip. Scouting trips before the hunt will greatly increase your odds for success. Glass the high basins early in the mornings and you will find bucks. Watch where they bed down and make a plan. Good Luck.

From: Finnegan
If it was me, I'd forget about the Front and focus on Strawberry Ridge instead. You can hunt the Front later during the extended if you don't tag out during the general. The Front is better hunting later in the year, anyway.

From: brewski
Thanks.I'm in pretty good shape for my age. I'm a road cyclist and wildlife photographer when not Bowhunting. The unit is huge!! I've checked Strawberry and there is some dark timber which is nice for the big guys to bed down in. How about the Uinta's outside of Heber between Currant res. and Heber?

There are some big deer between Heber and Currant creek . Your best bet is to get away from the roads. Lots of 4-wheelers everywhere they can get them. Scouting is the key. Strawberry Ridge area will have some big bucks too. Good Luck!

From: brewski
Thanks Nolan I'll be hiking Strawberry. I hate ATV'S

From: c3

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if I had a Wasatch west tag this year, I'd hunt the front before the crowds get to hammer it, then hunt elk later when it starts to get crowded.

I have a fifth choice San Juan Abajo's Gen Archery deer tag and can't decide between hunting elk up here opening day or going down to the Abajo's to hunt bucks.

If I had the Avintaquin Currant Creek Wasatch tag I'd definitely be out there hunting deer, but the front is pretty amazing opening weekend if you know where to hunt them.

Check him out :)

Cheers, Pete

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