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Unit 173 deer
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oldgoat 02-Jun-16
sleepingbear 07-Jun-16
From: oldgoat
Well, where to start. I used to be stationed at NAS Fallon and I rifle hunted unit 173 a couple of seasons.I loved hunting that Unit! I'm now retired from the Navy and live in Colorado, the hunting is great and I love it here, but I just have a bug to go back and try bowhunting there in Unit 173. The price seems reasonable and I even see there are leftover tags for it this year. Anybody have any feedback on this unit these days, it's been almost twenty years since I stepped foot there. I know there are better units, but I'm looking at this unit for the ease of drawing it and for nostalgic reasons, plus because I've had boots on the ground there already and would have a plan once I got there. PM me please if you have any input! David

From: sleepingbear
So as always every unit in this state has potential, you will see less deer than twenty years ago.we had good moisture this year compared to the last 5 years (good horn growth so far). That population has been stagnant and they lowered the tags a bit.So we'll have a few less folks to deal with.I would plan on working harder and glassing longer,but there is always good bucks. Good luck and Thank you for your service

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