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South Dakota
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From: DR
SD Bowhunters, the deer stakeholders will meet on 21 June and there are several significant changes in discussion. One proposal I recently reviewed had some drastic measures being discussed. Some I loved and a few I had questions and concerns about.

Discussion points I liked Prioritizing permit numbers to those with the highest points while still providing a percentage to those without. Making National grasslands a draw permit similar to BH, CSP, CNF and the NWR's. Allowing a rifle permitee to purchase an archery stamp to use during the entire season. Mandating that any landowner permit recipient hunt only on their own property. Making it mandatory to check in each deer within 24 hours via telephone or internet and requiring a full harvest report within 30 of season close or no tag the next year.

Things I was concerned about Making all draws simultaneous and requiring each hunter to choose a weapon and season with all #1 choices run first. (pooling all deer points together to get them used) Limiting buck harvest to 2 per year total.

Get involved and join the discussion with your SDGFP and the group members such as SDBI, SDWF and others. If you'd like to discuss more hit me up with a PM and e-mail

From: grizzly
I think the GFP has been hinting at these changes for a few years now. I do not agree with your choices but its OK to have differing views. As I have said before, it would be nice to keep archery completely out of the mix. Just leave it as is. In my opinion, this stems out of people who just want to hunt one place with their rifle and by luck of fate, they live and apply in a hard to get unit. They get upset that others not only draw that unit but several other licenses as well. They are trying to manipulate things to better their odds of getting their way most of the time. Is their a list of the people whom are on this "Deer Stakeholders" group? I do not want to start any arguments but would like to give someone my input. Maybe I was asleep when this group was formed. There are just so many issues with this. I hope they have really thought this all the way through. I am a hunter who gets many tags and I can see why some people would like to curtail that. I have no problem with sharing. I don't think I will like the whole thing being turned on it head though. The really sought after units will still be sought after. Will there still be preference? At any rate, thanks for the heads up. Where will these people meet and is it a public meeting.

From: DR

I'm kind of just getting in the middle of this through SDBI. Contact the board via the e-mails on the SDBI website to comment. Also you can comment through the GFP site.

If you e-mail or PM me I can give you the most current topics and ideas. I am with you on the hunting a lot of different units and getting multiple tags. My take on that is there are some very vocal rifle hunters in the eastern part of the state and they are bent out of shape that it takes them several points to draw the one tag they want while guys who put in the time and effort and hunt with multiple weapons have the possibility of getting more tags. I like a lot of the ideas they are kicking around and discussing but that reduction in possible hunting tags in all the different areas of the state isn't one of them.

It's important to get many more bowhunters involved. I much prefer a weighted point system with the bulk of tags going to those with the most points but as you said it's OK to disagree. All the other discussion points were just that discussion.

Here is the link to the Deer Management Plan information.

From: grizzly
I'm OK with weighted point systems like the elk and I understand the deer units never get to that level of points. Thanks for that. Appreciate your efforts. Sent a PM.

From: leftee
I agree,leave archery as is.Please voice your opinions.I serve on a GFP's citizens advisory board and these meetings are critical to our future.

From: DR
Had trouble accessing account a few days.

Bottom line is getting people energized and involved to comment and articulate thoughts and concerns in a positive solution based manner. I will send anyone the current proposal that was submitted by one member/group on the deer stakeholders group. No decision has been mad and none will be finalized until August 17 according to the GFP site.

The discussion points I listed above weren't my thoughts or proposals. They were pieces and parts discussed. Grizz you hit the nail on the head above and that is precisely what I put in an article in the outdoor forum in April.

There is an extremely vocal minority of rifle hunters in low deer density, high people population counties that are trying to redistribute tags to better their own odds of their choice of permit in their choice of county.

Now, I do like a LOT of some of the discussion points we have had together on my email chain of concerned deer hunters. One of the main sticking points I have is with a comparison of 'possibile' tags drawn and comparing that to one segment of hunters that limits themselves to rifle only in say (minehaha, brown, turner, Yankton co.) a low deer density, low habitat, high population area. Then some of them clamor when they ( and anyone else residing in state) could also apply for all different units or tags.

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