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Southeast ID fishing/camping with kid
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Taylor 19-Jun-16
Rich 22-Jun-16
Rich 22-Jun-16
From: Taylor
Hello All, first I want to apologize for posting this question on a hunting forum. I have been a member of bow site for some time and have enjoyed much success in obtaining great information here. I thought I would give it a shot.

I will be picking up my 8 year old in Mountain Home and driving back to Texas in mid/late August. I would like to find a good place where we can hike in a few miles and set up camp for a night or two and catch some trout. I'm not looking for trophies here, just easy catching we can eat for dinner.

I not very familiar with ID waters or regulations at this point, but I am looking around Pocatello, Idaho Falls area. We will be heading towards Dever-ish afterwards. I prefer to avoid camp sites if possible unless just to park the truck.

I'm no stranger to the woods, i am aware there are bears in the area etc..

Any help is appreciated. Thanks Fellas!

From: Rich
Oops DP.

From: Rich
Without a map or more time I'd just say the Island Park area, lots of streams, the Snake River, and some local areas where I'm sworn to secrecy about. Main advantage with this area is you mention August which is quite warm in SE ID, and Island Park is higher, plus you can go thru Yellowstone N.P..

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