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felt sole ban repealed
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getting old 20-Jun-16
bigbuck 26-Jun-16
getting old 26-Jun-16
From: getting old
I see where the felt sole ban has been repealed, I hope the powers to be will revisit the foolish law requiring hunters to obtain permission to use a stand or blind on non posted land.

From: bigbuck
I am old!! I do have to agree either repeal it or amend it,i can see if you are hunting in someones back yard but I like to hunt in the mountains and it is so hard to find out who owns the land many times ,I have given up on tree stands and blinds in VT since the law went into effect.On the other hand have seen numerous hunters in tree stands and have asked a few if they knew who owned the land and many of them have said no idea!!!

From: getting old
I know first hand how difficult it can be to locate landowners, a lot of them do not live in Vermont. For me to find a landowner I have to drive 3 hours up to Vermont to a town clerk for starters. If I were a landowner I would like to see a person face to face, not get a phone call from a stranger or a letter. I know people are staying home rather than to have to put up with the bull shit. This law is ridiculous. I can very well understand a landowner wanting to know who is hanging a stand on their land for two months, but lets get real, requiring a person using a climber or ground blind, that comes in and out daily, to get permission is nuts.

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