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Idaho draw
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kzkammo 24-Jun-16
geneinidaho 25-Jun-16
kzkammo 26-Jun-16
huntitall 01-Jul-16
From: kzkammo
Anyone get tags? I drew 45 elk and 21A antelope. Anyone have any pictures of bulls taken off of 45 archery? Seen some good bulls already this year just want to see some pictures.

From: geneinidaho

geneinidaho's embedded Photo
geneinidaho's embedded Photo
2009, first year that hunt was offered. Small 6x7 First archery bull I harvested

From: kzkammo
I'd be happy with any branch bull. Went up today to set up a camera and saw a few. Can't wait until September!

From: huntitall
Unit 5 either sex.

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