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051 Archery Antelope hunter from Alaska
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Longbow54 06-Jul-16
Maverick940 15-Jul-16
From: Longbow54
A friend of mine & I drew Archery Antelope tags in 051 & Mule Deer tags in 035 Nevada any information on a starting point to scout the area would be appreciated? Thanks

From: Maverick940
Fellow Alaskan:

Antelope should be easy. I've seen pretty good numbers of them every time I was down there. If you're not finding them on Bureau of Land Management property, maybe knock on a few doors and see if you can get access.

Deer is going to be a little different. The genetics are superb, but the drought has greatly reduced numbers (overall). Even still, you might want to look at Long Ridge, Black Mountain and the Montana Mountains.


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