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Taxidermists in Idaho Falls for a moose?
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TreeWalker 07-Jul-16
Mt. man 08-Jul-16
TreeWalker 08-Jul-16
From: TreeWalker
I drew a non-resident antlered moose tag for 69-2 which is SE of Idaho Falls. I prefer to have a taxidermist in Idaho Falls area do a shoulder mount since I am driving directly from the ID hunt to another hunt in WY before would be headed home to AZ.

I also am looking for a butcher in Idaho Falls to take care of the boned out moose meat. Most likely will make into jerky since will need the meat shipped to AZ.

Feel free to PM me suggestions.

Thanks in advance and good luck to you on your hunts this autumn!

From: Mt. man
Sending you a PM.

From: TreeWalker
Thanks Mt. Man! Got it.

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